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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

alright i'm feeling better

ish.  I don't think its lymes, but who knows.  I guy I know just went to the hospital.  He got rocky mt fever or something like that.  caused by a tick bite.  good times.  meanwhile, I am obsessed with designing my home.  The responsibility is great.  Design and build a cozy home for my wife and two (very soon to be three) daughters.
I was playing around with sketch up for a couple days.  It's an okay program.  It does pretty much everything you would need, and it's free.
I decided then to download Revit.  If google sketch up is mariocart,  Revit is a porshe.  Its a little intense at first.   I've got a class on the program starting in a few weeks so starting early is a good idea.  Its a little like sitting down and trying to fly a plane if you've never done so.  
Oh it's not that bad.

Check this out though.  three year free dl for students.   Holla.  Otherwise the program is like 100000$ .  Not really, but probably like 2000 at least.  Sorry I'm talking like a dope today.  got lots on the mind.

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