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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hello everyone.  I have been away for a bit.  I would love to keep this on a regular basis eventually.  I've been uber busy.  My wife Brianna and the baby girl inside her are almost ready to do the dance and get her out into our lives on a new level.   Birth that is.  :)  
So Brianna is obsessing with getting everything just so.  She is amazing.  The birthing is actually going to be somewhat of a choreographed dance in a sense.  The midwife is going to be out of town for a couple days before the due date.  One of our best friends is driving from about 5 hrs. away to photograph the event.  Brianna's mom and dad are coming to help watch the girls.  There are a couple other variables that need to sync up, so Bri feels a bit like she's got to thread a needle or have the baby at just the right time which is less than ideal.  Everything will fall into place just fine.  I'm excited for the event to take place.  It is as of now, up in the air, so to speak.

In the mean time, ladies and gentleman, I have been continuing my obsession with home building, designing, site development, community living fundamentals and practicalities, perma-culture, agriculture,  ect.

 I am interested in mud and the hue of wine bottles as they apply to homebuilding applications.  :)

Here is a juicy morsel.

I really go back and forth between the stylization of the modern aesthetic and the master hobbit home.  Ultimately, at this stage of my life,  I'm going with the hobbit home.

Yes my friends,  I have a dream, to hand craft my house, using my bare hands.  That is the dream.  To build a master hobbit home will take approximately a year.  Why rush something a home that could last a thousand years?

 Could tasty tiddles found thegreenchildren.org 
go there.  If you like these picts.

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