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Thursday, March 29, 2012

All three planet visible and anvil talk

Do you know that three planets are visible to the naked eye?!
Venus, jupiter, and mars. !



Yeah mbc news I think,  they actually had a cool thing on it,.  I posted the vid on my fb I think..

Anyways, check this out._______________

  I found this picture, while looking for a good found photo of an anvil?
something low tech,  know what I'm sayin?
I am going to recreate this.  basically.   I've got a couple huge logs.
I need something to be an anvil though so exciting.

I'm like, its christmas for logs and anvil.  Anticipating the anvil I acquire.  There will be one.  part of something or and old anvil not sure.  Going for my first anvil though.   Fuckin' stoked actually.  

at the simplest level;

12 to 20 bricks that could withstand high heat.
the right mixture of stuff. hmm have to check that out more.  research a bit if you will,  The right charcoal/ whatever else, mix used to achieve high enough temperatures to 

this would be a good anvil.    Found fuckin somewhere,   ookay. WeldingWeb <---  --  cool site actually

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