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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gingrich is going to send us to space.

30 second commercial if you watch on my blog.
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or take the time to relax., or pet the cat.
and stay here.

Nothing about Gingrich one way or the other, but frick ya.  He's talking permanent moon base.
I could see that getting a vote or two.   Permanent moon base.  So hmm,   how would that actually benefit me.

well strategically, it's solid.  You know, establish;
Prime moon territory with prime views.  Oh yeah.  It will be like the old days with castles. 

This is a dumb question maybe, but like, what's going on with the moon?
Accessibility would be like traveling to Antarctica in the winter times a hundred,   Ya can't get there unless your, you know,  a scientist or whatever.  That's cool though,
we would start mining and stuff pretty heavily,   plus wouldn't want anyone with a big ol' telescope to see all the cool secret, high tech shi1 we got going on, and all.

plus, it will be like a bus stop for mars in the future.

We will probably invent some kind of inflatable solar batteries,or ships that dock at the moon recharge or whatever on a magnetic powered train, so the moored vessels will keep in pace with the solar rays. Space buses,  yeah space.

He's got my vote.  You know they ain't goin' to let Dr. Paul win.
Gingrich, you come from way back right dude,
and ya say there'll be space ships and zoohic-eez right.  Awesome dude, yeah vote,  where do I vote?

The same fuckin' video as top one.

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