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Monday, November 11, 2013

Inner world travel 002 Time to meet your Spirit animal

Now that you have established your peaceful grove, clearing, area. What did we decide to call that? I always called it my garden even though there isn't usually a garden.  Things are growing though.
How about home grove?    sure.

found here (gotta add some picts to keep you interested.) :)

-So your home grove inhabites the middle world.  The middle world is vast.  From this level you can access the lower world and the upperworld.    Within this middle level there are portals that are all over.  Some come and go and others can be permenent.  Each of these levels have there purpose.  And they have portals too.  There is no end this space.

--So you want to meet your spirit animal?  Or one of them.  
Let's go.
Relax, build up some Chi or whatever you call it.  Enter your cave and notice the cave wall.  It is an indication of a variety of things.  perhaps.
Go in to your grove, look around

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