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Monday, July 18, 2011

being amazing

from a special place
Cool in the bathed waters of tranquility, I found my voice and I am in love with thee. Eternal memory, wandering blissfully on intentions directed without aggression on a path taken with little less than a suggestion. Did I mention, that geocentric shapes line the souls of the imagined, beings from a place where there is reserved a place seated. Take flight with gold wings that hold then let go to a place that is foretold. In the memories of children, grandparents its fleeting like the beating hearts of wings in minds that line the hopes of dreams and I burst at the seams with the laughter of the potential and the frozen moment that is passed writing this thoughts at last one more time in this space where they will take place in a new mind once again who reads the meaning the runs parallel to the space in between the lines. Discovering once more the more you store the story in your core the more and more the story that you hold stores.

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