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Sunday, July 3, 2011

living in your environment

Check out the original source.  For some more pictures and even a vid.  I really like this house.  It is simple and it doesn't jut out of the landscape like a mini factory or a turn of the century rectangle that is the go-to for house design.

Here is another one.  This is a zero carbon building, developed by University of Cambridge architects as a prototype for future living, is based on a 600-year-old Medieval design that retains heat from the sun while cooling naturally in the summer.
The building materials used were environmentally friendly, such as locally-sourced timber and recycled newspaper for insulation. The house was also easy to build. The arched building is essentially one large vault spanning 65 feet (20 metres), covered on the outside with earth and plants to camouflage it and help it blend in with the rural surroundings. The natural materials mean the house can absorb fluctuations in temperature while triple-glazed windows use as much light as possible.
-Found at the Telegraph

This house is great;
This house is pretty much what its all about if you don't want to spend a lot of money, and you're really cool.  I love this house.  
What's great about this house was that it was built with simple tools and it looks cozy.  This picture reminds me of the tree-fort I've been working on this summer.

I had a lot of fun building this.  It's not quite done yet.  Something like this can always get more added on ;) I started this addition early this summer.  Most of this wood is material that I saved from building jobs and my own back-yard.

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