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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More on eco-housing possibilities

I've been thinking a lot about the possibilities that may be available.  The purchasing of land from a friend and living in a micro community has exploded my imagination.  This being because it has become suddenly more tangible and realistic to live off the grid and sustainable.

Some of the set-backs in the past where location and/or proximity to family and/or resources.
The location of the proposed site is well,

except for one significant detail.  Without telling you the exact location of the proposed site, you would be able to derive the approximate location by researching the highest population of lymes disease  harboring dear-ticks on the planet.  It is true that many individual who live in this area have, or have had lymes.  It is a mysteries ailment that if not treated promply can remain in the body for good.

I mean,  look how damn small these things are.  And they sneak on your body and crawl around on you and you might not even feel it.   

So,,   other than that minor detail...   its looking good.

Here is a house.  I didn't draw it.  I like that shape, and the fact that it is three stories.

Here is the site that is on one of the tabs on my computer right now, https://deltechomes.com/green_research.php

It has some good rough, floor plans such as this one,

Here is a picture that remains burned in my mind.
This is  Moshav (co-operative village) farm at Nahalal, Israel
Its clearly Large.  I don't know much about it, other that that it is huge for a co-op village.   
Current Loose plans of our are that our micro village would be four three to four families at the most.  But of course who knows for sure?

Researching housing, eco-village concepts, and other alternative energy sources, with a renewed vigor has been fun.  I will bring the fruits of my coming discoveries and interests here.

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