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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a great 4th!

I'm not ready to dive back into my work, though it is already Tuesday.
We started the extended weekend with no particular plans.  We went mini-golfing, then decided to go to my parents.  They have a pool.  :)  And we haven't made it there in a long time.  It's a mini midwest paradise in the summer.

We pulled our old pop-up out of the storage shed that we kept there for the winter.  Some mice got in and did the usual damage.  We decided to rip the old carpet out and put in some fresh new stuff.  Just some indoor outdoor type.  It makes it feel a bit more cozy.

My wife and I bought this beauty a couple years ago from a friendly older couple.  They have taken such good care of this thing.  They replaced all the metal cables and mended every hole or tear that ever happened.  We got it for really cheap.  The couple was happy to see it go to such a nice young couple. :) We now treat our extended wilderness haven with the tenderness of a priced artifact.

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